Krakow Ghetto and Schindler's factory

Discover the history of holocaust in Krakow

Jewish Ghetto included area of 20 hectares with 320 houses, and was additionally surrounded by tall walls in the shape of Jewish tombstones, made it separated from rest of town. More than 60 000 Jews were displaced from Kazimierz and crammed into Ghetto. For those who wish to learn about the holocaust history occurred in Krakow, we also offer an special tour to Podgorze district of Krakow. By going there with us we'll show you area of former Jewish Ghetto which was established by Nazis during II World War in Podgorze district of Krakow (not in Jewish Quarter as many people think). First on tour we visit the Heroes of Ghetto Square (Plac Bohaterow Getta), where you'll see a unique monument dedicated to tragic history which tooked place here. Next important point in itinerary is Under the Eagle Pharmacy which constituted a conspiracy point in Ghetto and belonged to awarded as "Righteous Among Nations" Polish pharmacist Tadeusz Pankiewicz. Afterwards on this tour we'll take you to see the only surviving section of the old wall that once surrounded the entire Ghetto.

The oscar Schindler's factory

The factual name of famous Oskar Schindler's factory was "Deutsche Emailwaren- Fabrik", and it was located near Ghetto at Lipowa street in Podgorze district. In the factory where employed and worked about 1300 Jews from Krakow Ghetto and they produced ammunition . Those workers thanks to Oskar Schindler the owner of factory, survived persecutions and Ghetto liquidation, also were saved from transferring to concentration camps. Schindler employing Jews saved their lives because others stayed in Krakow ghetto were killed there or later in concentration camps. Worth noticing is fact that Steven Spielberg filmed in factory scenes for his multi academy awarded Schindler's List movie. Buildings of the factory survived to present times and nowadays are seat of Krakow museum division devoted to history of holocaust with opened for tourists an unique multimedia exhibition inside.

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