Jewish Quarter - Kazimierz

Sightseeing former Jewish Quarter - The Kazimierz District you'll be able to see the most interesting places associated with the history of Polish Jews in Krakow, admire exquisite synagogues, some of which continue to serve as places of worship, as well as visit one of the district's most fascinating places, Szeroka Street, where you'll discover such sacred Jewish sites as the Old Synagogue, the oldest in Europe. Moreover, during visitng this unique district you will have chance to see buildings that Steven Spielberg immortalized in his multi-academy award-winning film, Schindler's List. Of course, we have much more splendid attractions that await you on sightseeing tour around Kazimierz. Our sightseeing programme lets you exclusively visit places such imposing main square of Jewish Quarter, called Plac Wolnica, in addition to famous Plac Nowy, which to this day remains the commercial and cultural center of the Jewish district. See and discover wonderful former Jewish town with its numerous enchanting nooks and lovely crannies that combine to create the captivating ambience of contemporary Kazimierz.

You can visit Jewish Quarter on following tours:

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